Patton’s Medical Personnel Qualifications


Patton’s Inc. - Owners of Patton’s Medical

Have been building custom Medical Air compressor packages since 1980

Patton’s Medical - Administration

Greg Hood – Operations Manager

Previously with BeaconMedaes for 25 years

Started as an assembler of air compressor packages for Fluid Energy/Beacon Medical Products

Became shop foreman for Beacon Medical Products with responsibilities for production of products, acquisition of manufacturing equipment and manager of shop personnel

Manufacturing manager for BeaconMedaes for both air and vacuum products, scheduled manufacture of products, directed the purchase of manufacturing equipment, production parts and supplies, managed 37 shop and warehouse personnel


Janet Williams – Production Coordinator

Previously with BeaconMedaes for 19 years

Initially involved in Customer Service

Became Production Coordinator in charge of scheduling, purchasing of components and supplies for manufacturing and immediate supervisor for 3 purchasing and production coordination personnel

Project Manager supporting 10 in-the-field sales people for air, vacuum and pipeline products in the Southeast


Patton’s Medical - Engineering

Tim Hornbuckle – Engineering Manager and Electrical Controls

Previously with BeaconMedaes for 25 years

Started as assembler of air compressor packages for Fluid Energy/Beacon Medical Products

Responsible for testing, quality assurance, troubleshooting and some field service for compressor packages and air dryers

Advanced to Engineering position for development of electrical controls

Continued in role of quality assurance, testing and technical support for service

Responsible for UL approval program for all air and vacuum products for BeaconMedaes

Instrumental in the adaptation and development of HMI displays and programming

Developed Variable Frequency Drive program for vacuum systems


Tom Feller – Design Engineer

Previously with BeaconMedaes for 4 years as a Design Engineer

Responsible for the design of new or modification of existing air and vacuum systems, assisted manufacturing in solving assembly or performance problems

Previous experience in design, specification development and technical support with Nash-Gardner Denver vacuum products


Paul Lover – Design Engineer


Production Support

John Young – Production Manager

Previously with BeaconMedaes for 9 years

Started as assembly technician of air and vacuum systems

Advanced to warehouse, shipping and receiving supervisor

Became Production Manager and supervisor of 38 shop personnel for air and vacuum systems manufacturing

Sales Support

Cathy Brunk – Project Manager

A total of 29 years in the medical gas business: 11 years with Beacon 18 years with Puritan-Bennett.

Began as an administrative assistant, advanced to Equipment Estimator Trainee, Equipment Estimator, Senior Equipment Estimator, Project Manager, and Lead Project Manager

Involved with developing an efficient process to count equipment and effective quotation programs

Analyzed architectural drawings to identify proper equipment and quantities of each required per job,

Entered the list of equipment into a computer quotation system

Coordinated the price level with the Sales Personnel

Completed and provided quotations to the Sales Personnel for distribution to the bidding contractors.

Responsible for not only shipping and tracking information for the customer, but also returned goods and settlement of billing errors

Alden Brooks – Project Manager

Previously 21 years with Puritan Bennett and BeaconMedaes

Started as a submittal coordinator/project manager

Created submittal packages of drawings, Operation and Maintenance packages, quotation and specifications for customer use.

Works directly with Engineering Department to develop special products and processes

Promoted to Project Manager

Responsible for working with top sales team members .

Completed and provided quotations to the Sales personnel for Distribution to the bidding contractors.

Established as the in-house contacts for the sales force for project bids, revisions, issues, submittals, orders, shipping, tracking, and billing


Sales Force

Andy HawkinsWarranty Administrator and Inside Sales



Shannon McAfee – National Sales Manager


Jeffrey Cardozo – Medical Gas Consultant – Illinois, Wisconsin

Syntex Corp. 4yrs. Sold “state of the art” diagnostic equipment [for testing drug levels] selling to hospitals and laboratories in a 7 state area.

Abbott Laboratories, Hospital Products Division, 15 yrs. Covering a 4 state area selling anesthesia inhalants, IV equipment

BeaconMedaes for 7 yrs. Started as the direct sales representative for the Illinois/Wisconsin territory. In 2004 was promoted to the Western Regional Sales Manager position responsible for 28 states of the western United States. Managed 8 direct sales reps and 9 distributor groups

Manufacturer’s Representatives

Jerry Newton, LLC

HEBCO – Overland Park, KS

75 years Independent Representative for manufacturers of plumbing equipment

Scott Stafford – Medical Gas Consultant

6 yrs serving as an independent sales representative for BeaconMedaes in Missouri and Kansas

Over 10 years experience as sales representative for hospital manufacturers such as Whitehall MFG


Chuck Falkenberg – Medical Gas Consultant

6 yrs serving as an independent sales representative for BeaconMedaes in Missouri and Kansas

Over 25 years experience as sales representative for hospital manufacturers such as Whitehall MFG

United Medical, LLC – Kenner, LA

Don Tillman – President

20 years of experience in Medical Gas source and pipeline equipment sales and service

Instructor of ASSE courses offered through NITC and medical gas pipeline verification/ certification

ASSE 6030 Verifier

ASSE 6050 Instructor

ASSE 6020 Inspector

ASME IX Brazer

ASSE 6010 Installer NFPA 99-2005



Tom Quinn, Jr. – Owner

BAAS Marketing East Texas State University 1989

Associate Degree Applied Science-Bio-medical Regis University 1986

U S Army Bio-medical School 1984 to 1986

Ohmeda Medical field service for medical gas vacuum pump and compressors, anesthesia system maintenance and environmental testing 1986 to 1998

Started Quintech Inc 1998 to present

ASSE 6020/6030 inspector and verifier for medical gas certifications 23 years experience

Louisiana medical gas verifier


Quintech has 9 employees in the Texarkana office serving the Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas area

Three medical gas verifying teams

Medical gas sales consultants in Arkansas, Northern Louisiana, East Texas, and Southeast Oklahoma

A medical gas drawing and take-off specialist with 6 years of experience

Steam sterilizer technician

Outside Support - Service



Lance Everett:

Ohmeda Service technician Anesthesia and Med Gas from 1990-1998, repaired medical gas source equipment

Began 11 year career with BeaconMedaes as a service technician, promoted to National Service Specialist, then promoted to Midwest Region Service Manager

Trained all new service technicians and performed customer training seminars

Hired as Service Manager for Quintech May 2009


Greg Huneycutt:

Prior to entering the Medical Gas field, spent 23 years working in the Data and Telecommunications Industry for companies such as Nortel Networks, Marconi Communications, Pulse Communications, Racal Datacom, and Cirilium Corporation. Involved through Engineering with Sales, Applications, Systems Design and Field Service

Experienced with installation, configuration, repair, design, proposals, cost analysis, technical support, and technical presentations

Joined Quintech Inc. in June of 2009 as a Service Technician after 3 years as a Service Specialist with BeaconMedaes

Ranked #1 out of 53 in service achievement for BeaconMedaes service in 2007

Ranked #4 out of 54 in service achievement for BeaconMedaes service in 2008

Certified ASSE 6040

Coverage – AR, OK, North LA


Jim Wattenbarger:

Began an 11 year career with Ohmeda as an Anesthesia and Med gas service technician in 1989

With the purchase of Medaes (formerly Ohmeda) by Hill-Rom in 2000, became Medical Gas Service Technician until 2003 when Medaes was purchased by BeaconMedaes

Continued as a Medical Gas Service Specialist with BeaconMedaes until May 2009

Joined Quintech in June 2009 as a Medical Gas Service Technician

Certified ASSE 6040


Bradley Huneycutt:

Ohmeda Service technician Anesthesia and Med Gas for 3 years

Joined Quintech June 2009 as a Service Technician after 2 years as a Medical Gas Service Specialist for BeaconMedaes


Scott Bakalyar:

Lead Plumber with Globe Plumbing for 24 years

Med Gas Lead Plumber for TD Industries 2005-2007

Med Gas Service Specialist for 2 years with BeaconMedaes

Joined Quintech June 2009 as a Medical Gas Service Technician

Certified ASSE 6040 and Med Gas Plumber


Brian Harrington:

Nine years experience in 35U Advanced Biomedical Equipment Repair

Worked as a Medical Gas Service Specialist for BeaconMedaes 1998-2009

Joined Quintech as a Medical Gas Service Technician in June 2009

Certified ASSE 6040


Bryson Peterson:

Ten years experience as a licensed commercial plumber 1994 – 2004

Installed complete medical gas systems as a licensed med gas plumber for Halverson Mechanical and J & S Mechanical

Served as a Medical Gas Service Specialist for BeaconMedaes from April 2004 – January 2010 covering Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, & Nevada

Joined Quintech January 2010

Current Master Plumber License

Certified ASSE 6010 Installer NFPA 99-2005

Certified ASSE 6040 System Maintenance

Certified ASME IX Brazier


Patrick Balthis:

Five years - Nuclear Machinist Mate, US Navy

Performed maintenance on nuclear reactor and steam systems for propulsion systems on two nuclear aircraft carriers

Field service technician for Applied Materials at Intel doing maintenance on semiconductor equipment at an Intel facility working hand in hand with the customer

Built and operated several power plants in the Southern California area, where he performed maintenance on power plant equipment and built several diesel power generators

Three years experience with BeaconMedaes in maintenance of medical gas equipment systems

Joined Quintech as a Medical Gas Service Technician in June 2010 to cover California and Nevada


Dave Monroe:

January 1992 hired by Ohmeda. Worked on Anesthesia machines, monitors and Med Gas source equipment.

October 1995 transferred to Medaes. Worked in Med Gas Technical Support.

September 2000 Transferred back into the field and worked on Med Gas Source equipment.

December 2003 Hill-Rom sold the Medaes portion of the business to Beacon and it became BeaconMedaes.

Joined Quintech as a Medical Gas Service Technician in November 2011

Certified ASSE 6040 in January 2006.


Jeff Child:

10 years HVAC experience residential and small commercial installation and design.

Residential and small commercial preventative maintenance service and troubleshooting.

HVAC factory training

Universal EPA Certification

Medical Gas Equipment factory training

ASSE 6040 Medical Gas System Maintenance Personnel Certification


Justin Lowery:

Graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2005 with a degree in Business Management

Managed a Sherwin Williams from 2005-2009 where I made proposals, managed accounts and repaired sprayers. Owned an ATV repair business from 2009-2010

2009-2010 Airplane technician where I built and repaired commercial airplane parts

Joined Quintech in November of 2010 as a Medical Gas Service Technician



Support from Manufacturers

Hitachi has maintained a relationship with the principles of this company since 1986 when they supplied oil-less reciprocating air compressors to them as Fluid Energy to be used in Medical Air packages. This relationship and support continues today through Patton’s Medical by supplying us with both the reciprocating and the scroll air compressor pumps.


Patton’s Medical chose Busch for the vacuum offering because of their high quality pumps that are made in the U.S. and their experience of 25 years in the medical market.