Air Dryers


Duplex Medical Air Dryer
Duplex Medical Air Dryer

Features and Benefits

  • Two desiccant twin tower air dryers with an integral demand based purge saving control system
  • Two high efficiency coalescing pre-filters rated for 0.01 micron mounted on each dryer with automatic drain and element change indicator
  • Automatic solenoid drain valve for coalescing filter
  • Two particulate final line after filters rated for 0.01 micron mounted on each dryer with element change indicator
  • Two final line regulators and safety relief valves
  • Four valve bypass for dryer maintenance
  • Isolation valves to permit servicing without shutting down the medical air system
  • Air sample port
  • Dew point hygrometer/CO monitor with integral chemical CO sensor
  • Mounted and wired control system 
System Inlet Form (SCFM) Specification
@ 100 psig
With Dewpoint/CO Monitor
Duplex 8 64-02-008-PDS  
10 64-02-010-PDS
15 64-02-015-PDS
25 64-02-025-PDS
35 64-02-035-PDS
45 64-02-045-PDS
55 64-02-055-PDS
65 64-02-065-PDS
85 64-02-085-PDS
105 64-02-105-PDS
135 64-02-135-PDS
175 64-02-175-PDS
215 64-02-215-PDS
275 64-02-275-PDS
365 64-02-365-PDS
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