Medical Check Valves

Valves are designed for working pressures up to 300 psig.The body is field removable for servicing without cutting or disassembling of line. All valves are supplied clean and prepared for oxygen service. Valves are capped and packaged in a polyethylene bag. The valves are also provided with type-k copper tube extensions for connections on the pipeline.


  • Cleaned for medical gas service
  • 3-piece design for ease of maintenance
  • Individually capped and packaged
  • Dual gauge port design
  • 100% hydrostatically tested
  • Sizes: 1/2″ to 4″

Medical Check Valves Valve Size Specification
Check Valves 1/2″ CVPM-DPS-050
3/4″ CVPM-DPS-075
1″ CVPM-DPS-100
1-1/4″ CVPM-DPS-125
1-1/2″ CVPM-DPS-150
2″ CVPM-DPS-200
2-1/2″ CVPM-DPS-250
3″ CVPM-DPS-300
4″ CVPM-DPS-400
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