Pressure Relief Valve

The Pressure Relief valves with Pipe Away Adapters have a brass body with a 1/2″ Male NPT and 1/2″ female pipe away adapter. The relief valves are supplied clean and prepared for oxygen which are capped and packaged in a polyethylene bag.


  • Cleaned for medical gas service
  • 3-piece design for ease of maintenance
  • Individually capped and packaged
  • Dual gauge port design
  • 100% hydrostatically tested
  • Pressure settings (psi): 75-450 psi

Relief Valve Pressure Setting (PSI) Specification
Pressure Relief Valve with Pipe Away Adapter 75 psi PRV-075
150 psi PRV-150
200 psi PRV-200
225 psi PRV-225
250 psi PRV-250
350 psi PRV-350
375 psi PRV-375
450 psi PRV-450
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