Zone Valve Box

Patton’s Medical Zone Valve Boxes are built with quality in mind. Each valve includes a large color-coded gas identification label strategically placed for visibility. The boxes can be configured to hold 1 to 7 valves with or without monitoring gauges. The valve box will be constructed of 18 gauge steel complete with a baked white enamel finish. The Zone Valve Boxes shall comply with NFPA-99.

Zone Valve Boxes w/ Sensor provision will also consist of one terminal block and one street elbow.

Recessed Zone Valve Boxes will consist of the following:

  • Steel valve box
  • 1 to 7 shutoff ball valves with tube extensions
  • Aluminum frame
  • Pull-out removable opaque window
  • Gauges (optional)
  • Terminal strips

Zone Valve Boxes Specification
Single Zone Valve Box (2″ - 3″) ZVB-NXX
Single & Multiple Zone Valve Boxes ZVB-NXXXXXX
Single Zone Valve Box w/ Sensor Provision (2″ - 3″) ZVB-NSXX
Single & Multiple Zone Valve Boxes w/ Sensor Provision ZVB-NSXXXXXX
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